Depression + Zoloft = Fat + Angry?

I’ve secretly been on Zoloft for 6 months, with the knowledge of no one other than my psychiatrist. Initially, I think the Z was working well…but after a recent appointment I’m not sure if I want to carry on. Turns out since starting Z I’ve gained 40lbs. 40lbs in 6 months! And my psych says that it does not cause weight gain?..rather I am probably eating too much…?? I’m not sure, it just seems weird to me that all of this weight came out of nowhere. Now, on top of that I’ve been super irritable to the point that I’ve just completely avoided talking to people. Usually I would say I’m a pretty nice person, but after spazzing out at customer service workers at 3 different companies (something I would never do), I’m really starting to think the Z has something to do with this? Now, I must admit, these moments of irritability usually occur on days when I skip the Z. So, I guess it is working, being that it keeps my emotions in check? I don’t know…psych says he will gladly switch the medication, but after all that I read online about withdrawal, I’m kinda scared to even face such a situation. I guess I’ll be on Z for the rest of my life? All of this is just so weird, I feel so isolated from everything but I feel like I need to stay on it because at least I’m not having daily breakdowns and negativity. Instead I’m just emotionless (yay). So I decided to create this blog as a diary of life I guess, because I’m bored, confused and isolated. Not sure what will come of this.


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